July 2020- ExpansionErrant Art Space, Victoria BC

July 2020 –ReawakeningSask Galleries Art Now Online, SK

June 2020- Change Your ViewSask Galleries , SK

May 2020- SkylinesSask Galleries Art Now Online, SK

March 2020- Everybody Party Like it’s 99.99Woods Art Space, Regina SK

February 2020- CelebrateSask Galleries Art Now Online, SK

December 2019- Every Nook and Cranny IIWoods Art Space, Regina SK

September 2019- Land of the Living Skies Woods Art Space, Regina SK

August 2019- W.I.PA Wilfred Johns Gallery, Victoria BC

July 2019- Churn It UpErrant Art Space, Victoria BC

May 2019- Between the LinesWoods Art Space, Regina SK

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