An Exploration of Community:

Danielle Dumelie

Exploring the interplay of daily life, vibrant colours, and evocative patterns to celebrate human connections and invite introspection.

The Stories That We Tell

My work explores the influence of domestic spaces and the fragility of time through family photos, floral patterns, saturated colors, and varying detail. Evoking emotions and triggering memories, it celebrates human connections, inviting introspection and reflection on the essence of familial reverie.

Creative Community: We’re In This Together

As an artist, I believe that individuals coming together with their unique essence and creativity empower each other to discover their best selves, resulting in something magical. Drawing from research and interviews, my paintings embody this collaborative spirit. Inspired by the diverse expressions within our community, I invite viewers to appreciate the profound beauty of our distinct contributions.

Saskatchewan Art Now 2020: Zombie

The pandemic crept up on us, spreading across the globe. There was a sense of disbelief, of fiction. This couldn’t be real. It felt like we were all trapped in an old zombie movie. This painting is of a time when the idea of lab coats and facemasks were a costume in a classroom simulation, a zombie fiction.  But the reality is that we have those stories because this is not the first pandemic. Over time, this will pass, pandemics never last forever. Like the end of a good zombie movie, the sun always rises and the danger does pass.

I had the opportunity to have the Creative City Centre SMMART Program interview me and tour my artist studio. It was a valuable experience to share insights into my practice and creative process with their team. Walking them through my studio, I had the opportunity to showcase my artwork and discuss the inspirations behind my creations. It was a rewarding encounter, and I appreciated the chance to connect with fellow art enthusiasts.